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05/31/2023 : Fucked and sodomized by a dominant black man

Description: Here's a new interracial video made over the past few days in Cap d'Agde.
Although I already had my pussy and ass on fire, I couldn't resist this beautiful black babe.
It only took him 3 minutes to convince me, lol
5 minutes later, we were back at the apartment as I had to save myself for my 2 black lovers the next day.
Very dominant, he fucked me and then sodomized me, spanking me hard, I loved it.
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05/26/2023 : Naughty Story: Flashing - Sex and Cuckolding in Ibiza: 002

Description: Here's a new Flashing and interracial Sex video made during my last trip to Ibiza ♥
Day two: Flashing and nudity in public, outdoor sex and cuckolding at the Pacha Club...
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05/23/2023 : Cuckold video: Masturbated while sucking a stranger in a sauna

Description: Here is a Cuckold porn video made in a naturist sauna without having planned anything. 100% Real.
We came to spend 2 hours to enjoy the sauna and hammam, and seeing that we were alone, my Cuckold took the opportunity to fuck me in the hammam by making me cum twice... 1 hour later, I was going alone in the sauna, having seen a guy entering 2 minutes before. I lay down, then a few minutes later, I felt his hand caressing my calves, then ......
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05/14/2023 : Fucked and sodomized by my lover in Paris

Description: Hello guys, for this day here is a new interracial video made in Paris at my lover's place.
Super excited, I didn't delay a first time to cum while riding him on his sofa. Then in his room, he made me cum twice more by filling my ass.
To finish he drained himself hard in my little hole, humm
How I love being filled, oops.
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05/12/23 : Threesome in Cap d'Agde: Anal and DP - 179 Pics

Here is a new interracial series made in Cap d'Agde with 2 black guys.
The fact that they were English was even more exciting, I loved to be fucked and sodomized by these 2 guys.
At the end I received a magnificent shower of sperm...

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05/08/2023 : Fucked by the painter working at home

Description: Hello guys, for this day here is a new porn video made with a painter working at home.
Knowing from the second day that I was libertine and very hot, I proposed him to join him in his hotel room.
Five days later, a bit drunk and excited, I joined him in his room.
Unfortunately for him, too excited to see me naked and offered, he had a lot of trouble holding back, but I loved it.
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05/07/2023 : Glory Hole in a Swingers Club. 8 Cumshots Second part.

Description: Hello guys, for today here is the second part of my club night. After 8 guys fucked me, I went in the Glory Hole to suck all the shy ones, lol Some of them ended up with me stroking, fingering me while I sucked them. I made 8 of them cum like this.... Second part of 25 mn
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05/06/2023 : Naughty Story: Flashing and Cuckolding in Ibiza: 001

Description: Here is a new video of flashing in public made during my last trip to Ibiza ♥
First day: Flashing and Cuckolding in Pacha Club...
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04/28/2023 : Fucked and sodomized by a huge cock in Cap d'Agde

Description: Here is a new interracial video made these last days with a very well endowed black friend.
Being in Cap d'Agde, I had proposed him to come and join me to have fun after long months without seeing each other. Seeing and feeling his big dick in all my holes was great.
I am really addicted to big cocks....
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04/22/2023 : Gang Bang in a Swingers Club.
8 guys fucked me.. First part.

Description: Hello guys, for this day here is the fifth naughty video made in my favorite swingers club.
Back in the club, I came to have fun on the dance floor with everyone who wanted to.
I got fingered, groped and fucked while sucking on different guys.
First part of 43 mn
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04/15/2023 : Fucked by Amaz's delivery guy... while being alone in my house

Description: Here is a porn video made with an Amaz. delivery man who came to bring me a package.
As a slutty MILF plan, I had everything prepared, a very sexy red outfit, and a nice aperitif...
He could not refuse my invitation, lol
1 hour later I was covered with his cum, woahhh
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04/11/2023 : J.O.I Flashing video dildoing all my holes on the highway

Description: Here's a new J.O.I. video of Flashing and Sex while I'm dicking all my holes in the car on the highway, then on a truck stop...
I love to feel your dick going into all my orifices.
Watch out because you'll explode in no time listening to me.
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