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09/15/2023 : Fucked by a stranger in a gas station: 014

Description: Here for today a new video Porno: 014
made over the last few days.
1 hour after the dogging with the 2 guys, previous video, we stopped at a gas station between Tarragona and Barcelona. And then, coming out of the toilet, a guy came up to me, lol
Finding the situation super exciting, because it was totally unexpected, I insisted to the Cuckold that we could have fun with this guy.
30 minutes later, in a field 50 meters from the station parking lot, this Moroccan guy was fucking me standing up, lol
It was mega-exciting, I loved it...
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09/13/2023 : Dogging in Spain with 2 young Spanish people: 013

Description: Here for today a new video Porno: 013
made over the last few days.
Just as we were about to head back to France, by the hotel pool, I asked the Cuckold to find me a lover so I could end the week on a high note.
An hour and a half later, he had arranged for me to go dogging in the countryside with 2 young Spanish men, 1 hour's drive from where we were.
And it was great, I even offered my ass before receiving 2 beautiful spurts of sperm in my mouth...
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09/07/2023 : Screwed by a very well-endowed friend at Cap d'Agde: 012

Description: For today, here's a new Interracial video: 012
made in Cap d'Agde over the last few days.
This time a very well endowed friend of mine comes to spend the night with me.
After having a drink together, we decided to have some fun on the terrace, knowing that everyone down below can check us out.
As I love to feel his big cock inside me...
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09/01/2023 : Fucked by a cab driver in Cap d'Agde: 011

Description: For today, here's a new video Porno: 011
made in Cap d'Agde over the last few days.
This time a young cab driver whom I had just met 4 hours earlier on a dating site, joins me in Cap d'Agde to take advantage of my unfaithful married body.
I love cuckolding my husband with anyone who wants to fuck me...
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08/30/2023 : Fucked by my lover alone in his house (002 - Cuckolding) P.O.V

Description: Here is today's second interracial video made during a weekend spent alone at my Lover's house.
After a good night in his arms, the next day at noon and after having breakfast together, he fucked me once again, making me cum hard.
When I decided to, my husband would receive a few photos and videos of me, despite the fact that my lover soon made me forget all about him, lol.
I loved this weekend with my lover.
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08/24/2023 : BEST OFF SexChallenge: Fucked 4 times by a well-endowed young man: 003

Description: Here for today is the third video of my BEST OFF SexChallenge: 003.
Fucked 4 days in a row by a very well endowed young Black man who gave me some superb cum showers...
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08/20/2023 : Naughty Story in Cap d'Agde (003) 2 encounters (Anal Sex)

Description: Here's a new HOT story of Exhibition and Sex made during this third day in Cap d'Agde:
On this day, I join the previous day's lover alone to give him my little hole, then on the my apartment, the masseur also comes to fuck all my holes, HOT HOT...
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08/18/2023 : The masseur: Massaged, fucked and sodomized in Cap d'Agde : 010

Description: For today, here's a new video Porno: 010
made in Cap d'Agde over the last few days.
This time, 45 minutes after I'd enjoyed myself alone with a lover, a masseur came to the apartment so I could relax. For about 20 minutes, I enjoyed this magnificent massage before feeling his fingers penetrate my offered vulva. Excited afterwards, I asked him to undress so that I could in turn caress his sex, which was already hard, hummm. Then he fucked me, made me come, sodomized me, made me come again until I received his cum all over my body... I loved it...
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08/12/2023 : BEST OFF SexChallenge: Outdoor sex with BBCs - ANAL 002

Description: Here today is the second video in my BEST OFF SexChallenge: 002.
Outdoor Anal sex with well-endowed Blacks.
Hard video for Anal sex lovers.
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03/08/2023 : Fucked and sodomized by a new BBC in Cap d'Agde: 009

Description: For today, here's a new Interraciale:009 video
made in Cap d'Agde over the last few days.
This time this new lover was the third to come and fuck me in the same day.
Gentle, virile and above all very well endowed, he fucked all my holes before offering me a magnificent facial...
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