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09/25/2022 : Fucked and sodomised by 2 English blacks guys
(Double penetration)

Description:For this day here is an interracial video made a few days before in Cap d'Agde.
I had an appointment for this day with a BBC that I had known 2 years before at the Sex Beach.
When I arrived, a friend of his, older, came to receive us, then left us alone for 30 minutes.
Well after we started to naughty, his friend came back and while checking us out was masturbating in a corner.
Well endowed, I invited him to join us and it was a treat.
They fucked me, sodomized me and then took me in double penetration while making me cum over and over again.
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09/22/22 : Fucked by 1 black man with a nice ejaculation - 221 Pics

For today, here's 1 interracial series made at a HOT outdoor encounter.
The guy gave me a great cum shower, I loved it ♥

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09/16/2022 : Naughty Story: Sucking on a stranger in the parking lot of a shopping center.

Description:Hello my loves, for this day here is the story of a hot day made while going to Barcelona.
As I was leaving a hair removal clinic in a shopping mall, a young Spanish guy came up to me and told me he knew me from the web.
Very friendly, we met in a coffee shop, then 30 minutes later, in the back of the car while several cars were passing by, lol
There, we caressed each other, then I sucked him until he came in my mouth.
I loved this unexpected sex moment
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09/14/22 : Fucked and sodomized by 2 blacks guys during 2 dates - 332 Pics

For today, here are 2 interracial series made during two HOT encounters with 2 guys who had hit on me on the beach.
It was a great surprise, because one of them had a huge cock.
My little ass loved it, lol

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09/11/2022 : Fucked by my lover in Ibiza (03) Cuckolding and Creampie

Description:Hello my loves, for this day here is the third video made in Ibiza with my Lover and my Cuckold.

Back from a great beach day and before going back to the Pacha Club, I was being fucked by my lover in front of my Cuckold
Very dominating with my husband, I did not stop humiliating him while I was being fucked by my lover's big cock. After he filled my pussy with his hot cum, which I love, I asked my husband to lick me.
I love to finish like this...
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09/09/2022 : Naughty story (Erotic and Interracial Sex) during a trip to Paris (3)

Description:Third day in Paris with my lover and husband.
A fashion show of the last purchases, then in the evening I was once again fucked by my lover in front of my Cuckold.
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09/07/22 : Naughty and Interracial pics made during a SexChallenge - 250 Pics

For today, here are 2 Hot and interracial series made during a SexChallenge with 2 different guys

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09/04/2022 : Gangbanged by 4 Blacks guys during a strip poker

Description:Here is a remastered porn video with subtitles made with 4 blacks during a strip poker.
That day, my cuckold had organized a game of strip poker with 4 blacks in a hotel room.
Being the only girl, I quickly found myself naked in the middle of these Alphas. I was then fucked and sodomized before receiving magnificent showers of sperm, it was great.
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08/30/2022 : Naughty story (Flashing and Interracial Sex) during a trip to Paris (2)

Description:2nd day spent in Paris with my lover and my husband.
After having gone to see Hans Zimmer in Concert, my lover made me cum once more in front of my cuckold who was masturbating.
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08/21/2022 : Flashing, masturbation and interracial sex during a trip to Paris (1)

Description:A few days before I was showing off and masturbating on the train on my way to Paris ♥
Then after masturbating in my hotel room, in the evening my lover was fucking me by making me cum 3 times...
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